Squibler.com exists to create innovative and practical solutions for ordinary people. Getting the technology out of the way so that you can focus on being creative and productive has always been at the heart of every project created here.

“The Squibler” was coined by John Snavely back in 2003 as a phonetic twist on the word scribbler back in the early days of doing comics and illustrations.

artAfter discovering in 2007 that there were no search results for the word “Squibler”, this domain was purchased and an art blog was set up. It was short-lived however, as he quickly realized that the process of creating the site and template for WordPress 2.1 was more fun than maintaining the blog with never ending content and it was shut down a year later.

As the blog began to die out, requests for help setting up websites started to come in and focus shifted from the blog to designing websites and eventually to developing custom PHP solutions for clients.  From 2007 – 2014 Squibler™ took off as a successful freelance business with enough work coming in by word of mouth only, that there was never enough time to even set up an official website advertising the freelance services offered and squibler.com sat neglected for years.

squiblerIn 2015 however, the doors were shut to any new customers and the total number of clients cut back so that the Squibler business could be reassessed, new goals created, and a full rebrand could take place.  After careful evaluation of all the possibilities for the future of the business, it was decided that Squibler.com’s new focus would be to develop tools for people to use that had one goal in mind.

Today Squibler™ exists to create tools that simplify tasks for both end users and developers by making it easy to overcome technological hurdles and focus on doing what they love. Creating content.