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Completely resigned from the ground up, Squibler.com has been packed with features for to help manage future projects as well as ongoing work for clients.  Below are just some of the many features you may expect to find here.


Client Dashboards

Designed to let you see all your account details in a glance. Whether you are checking up on the development of a project or anything else related to your account.  The new dashboard is the place to start.


Designed for PayPal

Payments are now easier than ever. Paying bills, buying a plugin, or even adding that feature you want to your account; all purchase and payments are quickly and effortlessly handled by PayPal.


Membership Rewards

As a small token of appreciation for the countless hours of freelance projects, clients can now level up their accounts to earn savings, discounts, and exclusive opportunities as they move up the ranks.


BETA Manager

New tools for managing BETAs have been added for all projects. Clients can now manage their own BETA programs allowing users to test their products and collect feedback from them.

Additional information and access to development copies is limited to members of this project team.