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Developing for WordPress is in many ways limited only by skill, time, and imagination.  However, with a myriad of functions and APIs available, hooks that need to be called at specific times and even occasionally conflicting advice on the best way to go about a given task; the joy of creating something new can become lost wading through documentation and tutorials.

What if there was an easier method to create the framework for your next idea?  That goal has led to the creation of WP CORE.  By simply feeding it an array describing your desired admin setup, everything from admin pages to custom post types and meta fields are automatically registered and created using extendable technologies such as the WordPress Settings API so that others can build upon and extend your work.

Many innovative features are being built into this framework, but all of them share one common goal.  Get the technology out of your way so that you can see your ideas take flight faster and spend less time on repetitious foundational work.

Additional information and access to development copies is limited to members of this project team.