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Basic Breakdance Bundle

Reguardless of your website needs – from simple to complex – Breakdance is perhapse the most flexible site builder ever created. Starting at $110/year, the breakdance bundles will give you a rock solid foundation to build an online pressence.

The basic package includes the following three items:

Breakdance Pro

As the namesake of this bundle, Breakdance will either work along side an existing site theme or let you use no theme at all and build every last aspect of your site in one central location. With native support for everything from blogging to e-commerce and powerful tools to let developers extend its capabilities from within the editor there's almost nothing that Breakdance can't handle.

Breakdance Plus

Although Breakdance Pro offers a fairly robust selection of blocks to build your site designs, Breakdance Plus fills in some of the gaps with everything from additional menu layouts to customizeable SEO friendly FAQs and more to help you achieve the exact layout of your dreams.

MetaBox Pro

While Breakdance handles most of the customization needs of the front-end of your website, MetaBox Pro handles any customization needs within your admin. Whether you need to create custom admin pages, post types, taxonomies, or just add some extra fields here and there, MetaBox Pro has you covered.

Squibler Connect

Squibler Connect handles the licensing of Breakdance, MetaBox Pro and other items purchased here for you to ensure that your site continues to get full access to updates moving forward. In addition, it allows your developer or care team to keep an eye out for any updates or issues that may affect the health of your site and to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

Pro Breakdance Bundle

For only $90/year more, the pro bundle adds additional plugins to cover many of the most common needs of admins and end users for websites

Independent Analytics

In a world of GDPR and ever growing privacy concerns, Independent Analytics allows you to take control of your data by breaking free of 3rd party services spying on your site and managing your data on your server.

Designed from the ground up for WordPress, this plugin delivers customizable reports of the data you care about, tightly integrated into every facet of WordPress in a way that traditional analytics just can't match.

Happy Files

By default, WordPress puts everything you've ever uploaded to your media library into one giant folder.

While this approach works for smaller sites and those who never need to re-use old imagery; if you have a lot of files to manage on your site and want a better way to organize and find things in the future, Happy Files will be an invaluable tool.

Relevanssi Search

Whether it's the analytics, control over what can and can't be searched, weighted rankings, the ability to set hand picked synonyms or even the option to search extra custom fields normally ignored by WordPress; Relevanssi has something to improve the search experience for both the site owner and user alike.

For legal reasons this plugin bundle can only be sold to active clients of Squibler®

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