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Basic Lifetime License Bundle

If your website needs are simple and you'd like to avoid yearly license fees, the Basic Lifetime License Bundle will give you everything you need to start designing your site for one payment of $300.

The basic package includes the following three items:

Brizy Pro

At the heart of this bundle is the Brizy page builder. Unlike the limited capabilities of the default WordPress editor, Brizy provides a significant amount of flexibility to design layouts that match your artistic vision. And it does so in one of the easiest to use editors available for WordPress.

While not as powerful as other page builders, Brizy offers by far the easiest learning curve with an intuitive visual editor and won't require endless yearly licensing fees.

Astra Pro

While Brizy can take care of laying out the content that appears on each page or post of your website, it still needs to run in and alongside a WordPress Theme.

Astra Pro is a fast, lightweight theme that pairs perfectly with Brizy, can be licensed perpetually and is one of the most widely used themes in the world currently.

Squibler Connect

Squibler Connect handles the licensing of Brizy, Astra and other items purchased here for you to ensure that your site continues to get full access to updates moving forward. In addition, it allows your developer or care team to keep an eye out for any updates or issues that may affect the health of your site and to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

Advanced Subscription License Bundle

For the same price as the basic bundle, the advanced bundle includes lifetime licenses for Brizy and Astra through Squibler Connect but adds 2 additional plugins for only $68/year. If you ever choose to cancel your subscription at any point in the future however, Brizy and Astra will be yours to keep.

Independent Analytics

In a world of GDPR and ever growing privacy concerns, Independent Analytics allows you to take control of your data by breaking free of 3rd party services spying on your site and managing your data on your server.

Designed from the ground up for WordPress, this plugin delivers customizable reports of the data you care about, tightly integrated into every facet of WordPress in a way that traditional analytics just can't match.

Admin and Site Enhancements Pro

An entire suite of improvements for both your clients and their visitors. With over 60 modules available in a single plugin to help with everything from media management to streamlining the more clunky parts of the WordPress admin, you can do far more with fewer plugins than ever before leaving your clients with a site that's as easy to use and as clutter free as possible!

For legal reasons this plugin bundle can only be sold to active clients of Squibler®

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